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The Untamed


The Untamed: An Introduction to the Difficult and Dangerous Way of Christ
with A Field Guide to The Untamed

Available for purchase on Amazon

This is a collaborative effort between Michael E. Gunter and Kevin B. Jones. 

The original text of Michael Gunter’s The Untamed is now accompanied in the same volume by A Field Guide to The Untamed by Kevin B. Jones. 

Practically speaking, the Field Guide is a companion to The Untamed. It is intended to be used for personal reflection and group discussion. We’ve even provided questions and a few activities keyed to the content of each chapter. On a deeper level, the Field Guide captures pivotal moments in Kevin’s own spiritual journey. It is deeply personal and at times uncomfortably honest. Although it is written in Kevin’s unique voice, it tells the same story and speaks the same truth I presented in The Untamed…just from a different angle. 

If you have not yet read The Untamed, we want to invite you to get a copy of this new expanded version. If you have read it, please consider sharing it with a friend or a group of friends. The Field Guide is an excellent tool for a shared experience.

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