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The Bone Collection Series

The Bone Collection – a story of intrigue, conspiracies, myths and legends, and an ancient plot to control the destiny of the human race.

Kensington (2022) -After surviving a violent shootout in his New York office building the week before 9/11, John Kensington awakens to a world unaware. Is it a case of false memory, a cover-up or something even bigger? With little to go on, he tries to prove that he’s not losing his mind. His investigation ends abruptly when the first plane hits the World Trade Center. Twenty years later, a blind date weekend in the Sierra Mountains brings John face to face with what could be an elusive creature of legend. As he and the quirky Wilhelmina Beige seek to discover the truth behind the myth, they learn that it’s more real than they imagined, and it has a dark side with ties to John’s past.

Luderbach (2022) – It all started with a first kiss. John’s story has been told. Now it’s Olivia’s turn.
All she wants is to be normal. All they want is to rule the world. Olivia Luderbach’s family are hardcore Nazis committed to the Cause: The Rise of the Order of the Fourth Reich. When a former nemesis offers Olivia a way out, she discovers an unlikely friend and ally. Their freedom is cut short, however, when the Order comes to collect its own. Marked and scarred, Olivia returns to the fold and quietly accepts her fate. When the Order threatens a childhood friend—her first love whom she’s never gotten over—she must escape again to save him. Aided by a man who would follow her to the ends of the earth, she goes to New York and risks everything on the eve of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.

The Blackwell Trilogy

“A down-to-earth novel about aliens.” – Marjorie Preston (author, editor and columnist for Beach Reads). Blackwell takes the classic sci-fi tale of extraterrestrial encounter and turns it into a saga of friendship, romance, loyalty and sacrifice.

The Encounter Begins (2011) – When two visitors from the planet Klyv arrive at their Wyoming ranch, Rick and Jane Blackwell are amazed; first, by the proof of extraterrestrial intelligent life and then by the friendship that so easily develops. When a stranger shows up, everything Rick thinks he knows falls under the shadow of doubt as he becomes an unwitting pawn in an ancient battle that started on another world. Has he been tricked into believing a lie? Will the truth be his demise or his salvation? Can he act in time to save his wife and daughter? And what if the world found out what really happened at the Blackwell Ranch?

Defying Gravity (2013) – Fifteen years after Klyvians were left at the Blackwell Ranch in Wyoming, their returning ship triggers a chain of events that threatens their mission and everyone involved. The United States military responds to what it perceives as the beginning of an alien invasion. An otherworldly being with an ancient score to settle sees it as an opportunity to turn the tide in a cosmic battle. And a young man learns that the girl of his dreams isn’t quite what she seems.

Departure (2014) – Upgraded from missing to the FBI’s Most Wanted, Rick and Jane Blackwell are trying desperately to protect their Klyvian friends, even if it means turning themselves in to the authorities. But when a way off Earth is discovered, it’s a race from Roswell, New Mexico to the estate of Jacques Faber, a man intent on preventing their leaving. With the help of an unlikely ally and a mysterious raven-haired girl, the Blackwells and their Klyvian friends make it to the last flight from Earth…but leaving Earth is only half the battle.   

The Books of Klyv

A complete story by themselves, Ka-Rel and Klyvian provide the before and after to The Blackwell Trilogy.

Ka-Rel (2015) – “There was no trouble on Klyv; no envy, no anger, no danger, no fear. All things were good and nothing was forbidden except for the islands.” That was before Time of Trouble. Now the ground shakes. Fire falls from the sky. The animals no longer speak. There is much pain and sorrow and death. Ka-Rel lives in protected isolation with the few true Klyvians who remain loyal to the Before One and keep the old ways. After receiving a vision of a world that contains the answer to Klyv’s trouble, Ka-Rel embarks on a mission to save his people. Will the mission of Ka-Rel get off the ground in time? Or will the hori get there first and destroy the last of the true Klyvians?

Klyvian (2017) – It’s been a hundred years since the untroubled of Klyv sent eight of their own on a deep-space mission to find a cure for their troubled world. Now the long wait is over. The mission has returned. The cure has been found. But Klyv has become much more dangerous since the mission left, and it doesn’t want to be healed. The hori have fortified their city. Giants roam the land. The people have forgotten the old ways. As the Klyvians and their human friends enter the wild outland, they encounter unlikely allies, perils at every turn, and a revelation that takes them to the edge and reveals what is truly means to be…Klyvian.

Other Novels

Deja: A novel about second chances. (2019) – After a night of New Year’s Eve excess, Garren Rosen awakens to discover he is twenty years younger, his marriage is brand new and the world is relieved to have survived the Y2K scare. Believing he has been given the ultimate do-over, he sets out to be the husband he should have been the first time. His efforts are jeopardized when another traveler from his own time shows up with her own agenda. Caught between two women from two different times, Garren must navigate the pitfalls of young romance, good intentions, bad impressions and a vindictive cop with a deadly secret.


A Life Not Wasted (Gazelle Press, 2005) – The greatest tragedy is not a life cut short by an early death, but a life that reaches its end without becoming what God intended it to be. By exploring four of Life’s Big Questions, you will gain clarity about life, God and our ultimate purpose in this world.

The Untamed: An Introduction to the Difficult and Dangerous Way of Christ (2019)EXPANDED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE with A Field Guide to The Untamed – Jesus Christ was hardly the meek and mild figure depicted in children’s Bibles and stained glass windows. He was tough and courageous and controversial. When He said “Follow Me,” He called people to a life that was mostly difficult and often dangerous. Today, the Christian life is popularly described as a blessed life proven by answered prayers and God’s good favor. It promises much and asks very little. Are we to believe the Way of Christ has become easy and safe? Or have we exchanged the real thing for a domesticated version of it; inconsequential to most and offensive to no one? The Untamed challenges this popular view of the Christian faith and takes Jesus at His word. It’s for anyone who has been living a good Christian life, but knows in their gut there has to be more. It’s for anyone who doesn’t like everything Jesus said, but knows He was right. It’s for anyone who admits Jesus makes them nervous, but wants desperately to know Him anyway.

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