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“My aim is to write great books that entertain the imagination and promote meaningful contemplation and conversation.”

My published works include:

Latest Books

The Untamed: An Introduction to the Difficult and Dangerous Way of Christ

What if there’s more to the Christian life than we think?

Jesus Christ was hardly the meek and mild figure depicted in children’s Bibles and stained glass windows. He was tough and courageous and controversial. When He said “Follow Me,” He called people to a life that was mostly difficult and often dangerous. Today, the Christian life is popularly described as a blessed life proven by answered prayers and God’s good favor. It promises much and asks very little. Are we to believe that after two thousand years the Way of Christ has become easy and safe? Or have we exchanged the real thing for a domesticated version of it; inconsequential to most and offensive to none? The Untamed challenges this popular view of the Christian faith and takes Jesus at His word. It’s for anyone who has been living a good Christian life, but knows in their gut there has to be more. It’s for anyone who doesn’t like everything Jesus said, but believes He was right. It’s for anyone who admits Jesus makes them nervous, but wants desperately to know Him anyway.

Deja: A Novel About Second Chances

After a night of New Year’s Eve excess, Garren Rosen awakens to discover he is twenty years younger, his marriage is brand new and the world is relieved to have survived the Y2K scare. Believing he has been given the ultimate do-over, he sets out to be the husband he should have been the first time. His efforts are jeopardized when another traveler from his own time shows up with her own agenda. Caught between two women from two different times, Garren must navigate the pitfalls of young romance, good intentions, bad impressions and a vindictive cop with a deadly secret.

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